an ode to slow curating

All summer, I've been making research on how to make a house a home. I've been living with my fiancé for a little more than a year, and do to the apartment market, we decided it would be easier for me to live in his apartment, something I always swore I would never do. The cohabitation is going well and the place looks like we are both living in it, but I could feel my soul truly inhabiting the space.

love is love x mmfa

The main reason I spent two weeks in Mauritius Island aka the furthest place I've travelled ever, was to celebrate the wedding of my dear friends f&pj. As a way of putting myself in wedding mode before the longest plane ride ever, I've visited the exhibition Love is Love at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The exhibition showcases Jean-Paul Gaultier's "most beautiful bridal creations" with the following headline: wedding bliss for all.

rentrée 2017

While English speakers refers to this period as back-to-school, even when they're not going back there, French speakers are lucky to have this simple term: la rentrée. And this is what today is.

The Art of Being 30

Earlier this month, I turned 30. This has been the weirdest few weeks of my life. I was always scared of this number, dreading crossing to the other side. A few weeks before my birthday, I started being obsessed with how I was supposed to celebrate or not, and mark this milestone.

About Dana Schutz

I have been thinking about the Dana Schutz painting Open Casket at the 2017 Whitney Biennal for a few days. Luckily I was able to get out of thinking mode and actually express myself on the subject yesterday, while discussing with Louise Déry at the Culture Montréal 15-anniversary party.


FYI: This is going to be a personal post. Still relevant though.

This post it entitled woke. Why woke, and why now? Because this words seems to be on everyone's mouth for different reasons, and I basically want White people to stop using it.

Juliana Huxtable x Montreal

Yesterday was the day I met with text-base, cosplay-inspired not-model-slash artist Juliana Huxtable. First of all, without me knowing, the fact that I was having lunch with her and a couple of new friends at Concordia was a political act. Here is how the CSU advertised the lunch:

Welcome [back] !

I am back to blogging. I used to have a personal-turned-artsy blog on the blogspot platform that I ended in 2014, after my studies. I wanted to focus on finding a job in my field, and try to get published professionally. All of this happened, and much more, but I realized that: