rentrée 2017

Musée du château dufresne

Musée du château dufresne

While English speakers refers to this period as back-to-school, even when they're not going back there, French speakers are lucky to have this simple term: la rentrée. And this is what today is. The elementary school right in front of my apartment has started, and while I lay in bed questioning my life choices, I hear their bell ring and the kids screaming in joy.

All summer, I made research for the upcoming UAAC conference I'm participating in, research about an exhibition I'm co-curating, took naps, smoked weed, went to the gym 6 times a week and made research about how to make a house a home. I also took the biggest trip of my entire life and am now back home, partially deaf from a perforated eardrum. Life is good!

My rentrée 2017 promises to be quite busy: Le Mois de la Photo, now named MOMENTA Biennal is opening this month in major institutions in the city. I have the conference to prepare, the exhibition proposal to finish, and Fashion week is a constant marathon from September to October (I am not travelling to the shows, because I've never been important enough for that. Garance Doré isn't doing the shows anymore, why should I? wink wink). Plus, I'm also back at work, preparing events and an upcoming opening.

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What will keep me the most busy this Fall however, is planning for my wedding which is nerve-racking but fun at the same time. I just discovered which type of bride I am: I am the Bride in search of a wedding dress that’s unconventional yet timeless, and reads “fashion” without being over-the-top. I'm being sarcastic here. I read this sentence in this Vogue article and actually thought, who isn't?! Anyways I have plenty of mood boards on my iPad, my phone and on Pinterest.

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As said in the documentary The September Issue, September is the January of fashion. This makes this month really exciting and driven and productive, but can also be a source of anxiety for others. Be careful, and take care