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The Art of Being 30

Earlier this month, I turned 30. This has been the weirdest few weeks of my life. I was always scared of this number, dreading crossing to the other side. A few weeks before my birthday, I started being obsessed with how I was supposed to celebrate or not, and mark this milestone.

Juliana Huxtable x Montreal

Yesterday was the day I met with text-base, cosplay-inspired not-model-slash artist Juliana Huxtable. First of all, without me knowing, the fact that I was having lunch with her and a couple of new friends at Concordia was a political act. Here is how the CSU advertised the lunch:

Welcome [back] !

I am back to blogging. I used to have a personal-turned-artsy blog on the blogspot platform that I ended in 2014, after my studies. I wanted to focus on finding a job in my field, and try to get published professionally. All of this happened, and much more, but I realized that: