Welcome [back] !

Welcome [back] !

I am back to blogging. I used to have a personal-turned-artsy blog on the blogspot platform that I ended in 2014, after my studies. I wanted to focus on finding a job in my field, and try to get published professionally. All of this happened, and much more, but I realized that:

a) One cannot be published as often as they want

b) One cannot publish whatever they want, whenever they want

c) Since 2014, I have more and more research interests, and I'd like to publish my findings somewhere.

I then decided to blog again, because I need an outlet to write about what I want and what I am interested in.

During the last few years, I came across people who created wonderful things online, publications, journals and vlogs where emerging art critics, people of colour, and other marginalized groups could publish their research in a respected environment. I realized that I used to be this space (for myself) and I felt ready to come back in the digital world.

I am very excited to launch my blog in 2017, after what many have considered a shitty year. It seems like we all wanted 2016 to be over: a lot of my friends and people I follow on social media are "ready for 2017", telling the year to "come at them". Opening back my blog is my way of doing just that, although I have to say, 2016 was kinda great for me on some level (some, not all, obviously).

In (On?) this blog, you will find post about my main research interests: contemporary Haitian art, fashion design, post-black art, art from artists of colour, curators of colour and how they deal, performance art, as well as feminism. You will also find a space dedicated to my #CuratorialTips, a research and help tool I have created on instagram in order to help emerging curators in their practice. 

I'm looking forward to start writing!

Me in front of Glenn Ligon's "Give Us a Poem (Palindrome #2)" (2007) at the Studio Museum in Harlem

What I expect for fashion in 2017

What I expect for fashion in 2017